Best Golf Ball for 95 100 mph Swing Speed

Best Overall
Editors Choice
TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls (Package May Vary)
Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Model
TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls (Package May Vary)
Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Model
Best Overall
TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls (Package May Vary)
Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls (Package May Vary)
Editors Choice
Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Model
Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Model

There’s no better feeling than smashing a golf ball, causing it to soar through the air miles down the fairway. But we all know that you have to have a fairly high swing speed in order to do this.

But that then begs the question, do you have the right equipment for so much power, and could this be what’s holding you back from another 10 – 20 yards of extra feet?

If you have just recently measured and calculated your swing speed and have found out that you land in the 95-100 mph swing speed mark and are looking for the best golf balls suited to you, then you are in the right place.  That’s why we’ve created our buyers guide of the best golf ball for 95 100 mph swing speed.

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • 5 LAYERS; ZERO COMPROMISES; TP5x feature a Tri Fast Core and Dual Spin Cover that combine for a 5 layer golf ball construction that is specifically engineered to perform with every club in your bag
  • TRI FAST CORE; The unique 3 layer core system in TP5 and TP5x features progressive compression, enabling maximum energy transfer and generating massive speed on full shots
  • DUAL SPIN COVER. Contrast of an ultra soft cast urethane & a semi rigid inner cover creates maximum interaction between the cover & club grooves, resulting in exceptional spin performance with full wedge shots & pinpoint control from around the green

For those familiar with the ProV1 and ProV1X, the TP5 and TP5X differ similarly. Both balls have a five-layer construction, but the TP5X has been made to have a piercing ball flight compared to the TP5. A small change like this a result of a slight tweak in the way the Tri-Fast Core works.

These golf balls not only have raving amazon reviews but also have a fifth layer to help you, big hitters, out. The Taylormade TP5x is a perfect choice if you have a 95 – 100 mph swing speed.

This ball has a firmer feel, and you exactly where it is going to go when you hit it off the tee. Overall this is a great ball and defiantly a worthy choice.

One certain thing is that the Tri-Fast Core has been reworked to give each TP5X a piercing ball flight.

A lower ball flight will allow for better playability in the wind and less unwanted spin off the tee. The distance of the TP5X is greater than the TP5.

While the TP5X may go farther than the TP5, the one area affected is the spin rates. Overall, the spin rates on the TP5X are lower than the TP5 but are still respectable on short iron shots. Some shots with the TP5X may not spin backward or checkup as quickly on the greens.


  • 5 Layer Construction
  • Tri-Fast Core
  • Dual Spin Cover
  • High Launch
  • Great In Wind
  • Excellent Distance

  • Expensive

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls (Package May Vary)
  • 4-Piece With Cast Urethane Cover
  • Highly Durable 336 Dimple Design
  • Dual Casting For Extra Distance And Lower Ball Flight
  • Country Of Origin: Germany

The beauty of Vice Golf Balls is that they offer a premium product at an affordable price. What’s more, is that they have an extensive range with something to suit all golfers.

This is a 4-piece ball that is designed for distance. It has a 366 dimple design for aerodynamics and speed.

The cast urethane casing gives the ball durability and promotes a low flight for added distance. The larger “High Energy Speed Core (HESC)” is the feature that delivers the distance you want off the tee.

It also features a dual mantle that is elasticated to reduce spin and deliver even more carry.

This ball is perfect for big hitters and perfectly suited for fast swing speeds. The Vice Pro Plus also has a very firm feel similar and typically flys a bit lower in the air due to its four-layer design.

If you’re looking for a  great overall golf ball without a huge price tag, these could be perfect for you.

The Pro Plus makes use of S2TG technology. This is what gives it a quality feel and controls the spin. It will also give you a bit more grip on your short game.

While this might not be the perfect ball for players with a slow swing speed, it will give most golfers great distance off the tee with a minimal sacrifice on control. Most golfers appreciate the feel.


  • Lower ball flight
  • Plenty of color options to pick from
  • Firm feel
  • Affordable
  • Highly durable
  • Low flight
  • Reduced spin
  • Delivers good distance
  • Pleasing feel

  • Slightly less green-side control
  • Not ideal for golfers with a slow swing speed

Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Model

The Bridgestone Tour B XS, like the Titleist ProV1, is a 3-layer golf ball. The core is a gradational compression core with a compression rating of 75, giving the ball its softness and great feel.

The second layer is a relatively thick mantle layer compared to other golf balls. The final layer is the Reactiv Urethane cover with SlipRes technology and a seamless cover with 330 dimples.

The cover technology of the Bridgestone B XS is the most important and innovative aspect of this golf ball. The Reactive Urethane was developed to do something that golf ball manufacturers have only dreamed about, i.e., Create a distance ball with a lot of control and spin.

This cover is basically like having two separate covers that interact separately and differently with different clubs.

When you strike the ball with the force of a driver, the compression time is quicker, and the ball flies off the face of the driver.

When you strike the ball with an iron or wedge, the compression time is longer so that the ball has a better opportunity to interact with the loft and the club’s grooves.

The launch angle is somewhat progressive as well, just like the rest of the ball. When you hit your driver, you get a nice mid-level trajectory and a good ball flight.

When you are hitting irons and wedges, the launch angle is on the higher side because of the slower compression time on the clubface. This extra launch height makes your approach shots a little softer and easier to stick.

Bridgestone makes brilliant golf balls. It’s as simple as that. So, we had to include the Bridgestone Tour B XS in our best golf ball for 95 100 mph swing speed buyers guide.

These are probably some of the best golf balls you get if you have a very high swing speed. The typical dimple design you see on other golf balls isn’t the same on these; they’re a little shallower. This helps to drive the ball forward in flight, which, combined with high swing speeds, these balls cover some serious distance.


  • Very workable for drawing and fading shots.
  • The Reactiv cover showed improvement regardless of skill level and golf ball.
  • It has a shorter compression time of the driver’s face.
  • A longer compression time with irons and wedges.
  • One of the best combinations of spin and distance on the market.
  • Suits high swing speed players perfectly
  • Shallow dimple design
  • It covers great distances easily

  • The ball cover can get scuffed fairly easily

2020 Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

When it comes to golf balls, Callaway is considered one of the best manufacturers. They’re known for creating a line of pro-quality golf balls, but golfers can also be used by golfers suffering from too much slice or hook.

The Callaway Chrome Soft and the Chrome Soft X golf balls are no exception. These balls have completely changed the game when it comes to trajectory and speed. Discover the biggest differences between these two exceptional golf balls.

It features a high-speed Mantle system pairs with the thinner, more resilient Tour Urethane cover to deliver a fantastic feel and shot-controlling, stroke-saving spin, and scoring shots.

This golfball also crops up a lot in our buying guides. Don’t let the “soft” name fool you; this ball can hold its own when it comes to 95 – 100 mph swing speeds.

The Callaway Chrome Soft X boasts a dual-density core, allowing this ball to be suited for fast and slow swing speeds.

The core compresses easier for slower swings but still holds up impressive resistance for higher swing speeds. This ball is well worth checking out and offers great value for money too.


  • 4-piece construction
  • Available in a 12-ball pack
  • Thinner, stronger urethane cover increases speed and lower spin on full shots while maintaining a high spin and soft feel around the green.
  • Optimized 332 aerodynamic dimple design reduces drag and generates higher ball flight.
  • A larger single SoftFast core increases ball speed and distance with every club in the bag.
  • Suited for fast and slower swing speeds
  • Great allrounder ball
  • Good value for money

  • Not as durable as some others mentioned in this review

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls 

After experiencing much success with the release of the Pro V1 in late 2000, Titleist launched the Pro V1X golf ball in 2003.

Designed to fly higher and reach its apex farther down the flight, it generates a longer carry distance than the Pro V1.

The original Pro V1X produced less spin than the Pro V1, but that changed in 2017 when the roles were reversed, and the Pro V1X started generating more spin than the Pro V1.

This ball has a thinner urethane cover than some others we’ve reviewed, but the updated version also has a larger mantle layer, which has increased the overall distance you can achieve with it!

The Titleist Pro V1X tends to spin more than your traditional golf ball, which perfectly suits high swing speeds as it doesn’t tend to roll as much as others. This is great if you overhit a shot as the ball stops dead.


  • Extraordinary distance with consistent flight
  • Very low long game spin and a penetrating trajectory
  • Drop-and-stop short game control
  • The Package Weight Of The Product Is 36 Pounds
  • The updated version covers more distance than before
  • Firm core for great trajectory
  • High spin speed

  • You may struggle to get used to the spin at the start.

Srixon Z-Star Golf XV Balls

Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Engineered for golfers who demand maximum performance.
  • The Srixon Z-STAR XV golf ball delivers unmatched technology with incredible feel so golfers can elevate all aspects of their game to score better.
  • Even better launch conditions for category-leading distance off the tee
  • Improved flight performance for additional gains in distance and full shot control.
  • Softer feel enhanced greenside spin and more consistent spin on approach shots from any lie especially from the rough.

Right off the bat, this ball is not for beginner players or high handicappers. It has a pretty firm compression rating of 102, so you need a fast swing speed to get the optimal distance off the tee. That being said, these balls do perform very admirably all around the course.

The Srixon Z Star XV golf balls feature a 4-piece construction with a gradient core – meaning that the core is firmer in the center and softer in the outer layers.

The Srixon Z Star XV also features the fourth generation of SpinSkin technology which is essentially a SERMA cover material.

The point is that the cover material was designed to work into the grooves of your irons and wedges for exceptional feel and spin. And we can say firsthand that these balls deliver on both fronts.


  • More durable urethane cover than most
  • Low spin off the tee gives a little boost in distance
  • One of the cheaper premium balls out there
  • 338 dimple pattern
  • Great spin around the green
  • Low ball trajectory
  • Good distance for fast swing speeds
  • It comes in both white and yellow
  • Not as expensive as other premium balls

  • Not good for players with slow swing speeds
  • It doesn’t sound great off the driver
  • Not the easiest balls to work
  • The outer layer doesn’t seem very durable

KIRKLAND SIGNATURE 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball

Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball, 2-Dozen
  • Make sure this fits. by entering your model number.
  • Three-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball
  • 2 Dozen-24 Count
  • Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules
  • The Kirkland Signature Three-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball Performance+ includes two twelve count boxes--twenty four balls in total.

As its name suggests, this ball comes with four layers, including a cover, mantle, outer core, and core.

Its shell is also composed of urethane used in almost premium balls. Since the mantle of these balls works well with the 360-dimpled design, it remarkably improves the spin rate and ball trajectory.

Thanks to the outer core made of rubber, it influences the spin and feel of the golf ball to maximize the energy transfer. It even offers real experience and playability without giving up the distance.

Of course, the large and softcore plays an important part in maximizing the distance and guaranteeing the energy transfer.


  • This pack contains 24 balls.
  • It features a softcore and high elastic.
  • The ball can take a good flight with this.
  • The upper part features a 338 dimpled design.
  • It enables optimized spin.
  • This is available at an affordable price.
  • The product comes with a confirmation of R&A and USGA rules.
  • The urethane cover feels great off the clubface.
  • It’s cheaper
  • It is made for average and high handicap golfers that want distance.

  • They are less durable.
  • May turn yellow due to sun’s exposure.

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls 

Bridgestone is known for crafting some of the best golf balls that amateurs have ever seen, and their three-piece e12 Soft Golf Balls are another fine addition to the e-series family.

Designed for players who need help with ball speed, the e12 Soft is better than your average two-piece softball by providing higher velocity off the clubface with a core energetic to drive yardage from anywhere on the course.

Available in several bright colors, the e12 Soft is another ball that Golf Digest has deemed worthy of Gold recognition in their annual Hot List. Well worth a look from moderate golfers looking for an affordable multi-piece golf ball, the e12 Soft is another fun and high-performing ball from Bridgestone.


  • A mid-level ball that produces fabulous spin and touch
  • Built for slow swing speed to help with forgiveness and response
  • The three-piece ball that offers less drag and improved aerodynamics
  • Active acceleration mantle
  • Delta Wind Dimple pattern
  • High speeds off the tee
  • Good performance around the greens
  • Three-piece design

  • Slightly higher compression
  • Golfers should use it with a bit more clubhead speed

Volvik S4 Golf Balls

Volvik S4 Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • FeaturesExtremely soft feel and increased accuracyBismuth enhanced power coreDouble urethane coverPatented 366 quasi-cuboctahedron dimple patternSells by the dozen. Made in China.

The Volvik S4 Golf Balls have taken their place as a niche golf ball that works well for hard swingers who like to let it rip off the tee box but leaves beginning golfers out in the cold with the high compression rate.

It is hard to find a multi-piece ball that strives to be more for the golfer at this price point, but the Volvik S4’s attempt at finding a niche of players isn’t for nothing.

The complex 4-piece construction is also aimed at delivering the highest performance with minimum spin. These types of designs need to be truly well balanced to offer a good overall result, and the S4 golf balls are one of the positive experiences for any type of fast-swinging player.

With a Bismuth design, the balls are also very well placed for optimum performance under the energy transfer department.

Since the material can expand, it changes the responsiveness of the balls, making them perform better with better connectivity between the layers and the cover.

The response from the material is considered unique and can be truly seen at the highest level with the fastest swings only.

With a soft feel around the greens and exciting distance with the driver, this is a ball that is worth searching for if you fit its qualifications.


  • Enjoyable to play with several color options
  • Moderately good accuracy with long irons and wedges
  • The four-piece ball with fantastic spin rates for the mid-range price point
  • Easy to see – always know which ball is yours
  • Attention-grabbing and conversation piece
  • Very long off the tee and with irons
  • Very little shape – wants to go straight
  • Penetrates through the wind
  • Arrow printed on the side makes it easy to line up

  • Requires top technique

Srixon Q-Star Tour 3 Golf Balls

When you head out to play a round of golf, there are very few things that you can control; having the right golf ball is one of them. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered with an in-depth breakdown of a ball that any golfer can use, the Srixon Q-Star Tour.

The Q-Star Tour has a Urethane cover and “Spinskin” coating. By Srixon’s reporting, the Spinskin coating is 25% softer than their previous models of golf balls, providing what they hope is the optimal feel for the golfer with the pleasure of hitting their ball.

Even though it comes down to fractions of a second, when a golf ball is “soft,” it will stay in contact with the club longer. For golfers of any level, extended contact tends to lead to better control and accuracy.

If you constantly find yourself left or right of fairways, you may be using a ball that spins too much. You might benefit from the Q-Star Tour.

While maintaining a lower compression, the Q-Star Tour also has been able to cut down on driver spin. Without dramatic spin off the tee, you’ll find yourself hitting from the fairway more often, rather than constantly searching the woods after those big hooks and slices many know far too well.

For most golfers, wind can hurt or help you based on the direction it’s blowing, though wind seemingly always does more harm than good.

Thanks to the 338 dimples on each Q-Star Tour, the wind is somewhat neutralized as the design itself is geared towards reducing drag and maximizing lift.


  • Tour-level urethane cover produces excellent spin and green-side control
  • Designed to provide exceptional distance on iron shots from the fairway
  • Low compression core increases the distance from the tee box in golfers with slower swing speeds
  • Low compression
  • Reduced spin with driver
  • Inexpensive

  • Less greenside control than premium balls
  • Not ideal for higher swing speeds

Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls

Right off the bat, this ball is not for beginner players or high handicappers. It has a pretty firm compression rating of 102, so you need a fast swing speed to get the optimal distance off the tee. That being said, these balls do perform very admirably all around the course.

The Srixon Z Star XV golf balls feature a 4-piece construction with a gradient core – meaning that the core is firmer in the center and softer in the outer layers.

The Srixon Z Star XV also features the fourth generation of SpinSkin technology which is essentially a SERMA cover material.

The point is that the cover material was designed to work into the grooves of your irons and wedges for exceptional feel and spin. And we can say firsthand that these balls deliver on both fronts.


  • Redesigned core gives players more yardage from tee and fairway
  • Advanced green-side spin when using wedges for better stopping power on green
  • Innovative skin coating on urethane cover increases friction for enhanced spin
  • 338 dimple pattern
  • Great spin around the green
  • Low ball trajectory
  • Good distance for fast swing speeds
  • It comes in both white and yellow

  • Not good for players with slow swing speeds
  • It doesn’t sound great off the driver
  • Not the easiest balls to work

Titleist AVX Golf Balls 

As a golfer with a few years of play under your belt, you face a decision every time you tee off: what ball are you going to place on that tee? You are probably past the point of beginner balls and may have reached a point where you need more performance out of the balls you use.

If you have ever played the Titleist Pro V1 balls and wished they were a little softer, the Titleist AVX balls are the ones you have been pining for. They play softer than the Pro V1 thanks to a low compression core (a factor of 80).

But the Titleist AVX balls feature the same patented casing and cover technology as the Pro V1’s. The cover is made from a cast urethane thermoset material that gives these balls incredible flex and makes them play longer than your low average compression softballs.

That is the crux of these balls: you get a great soft feel without losing any distance from your drivers and long irons. As you would expect from a tour-grade ball, the Titleist AVX features a three-piece construction, and the casing layer allows for tour caliber control around the green and on approaches.


  • Built for distance and feel with an emphasis on improving ball speed off the face
  • Newly designed core gives golfer more distance without sacrificing feel
  • Unique dimple design is aerodynamic for more launch angle and shot height
  • Tour grade balls
  • Great flex
  • Feel nice off the driver and long iron faces
  • Low spin
  • Low flight
  • Allows for good control around the green

  • They are on the pricey side
  • They don’t have a lot of stopping power on the greens
  • Not the best balls if you rely on the spin for control
  • Not good balls if you have a naturally high ball flight trajectory

Buyers Guide

Now that we have all but covered the best golf balls that we chose. What more could we possibly have to offer? Well, how about a buyer’s guide.

This is written for those that have found things that interested them in some of the golf balls. Perhaps you are looking to learn more about some of the terminology we brought up in the reviews.

This guide will also answer some of the most asked questions regarding these golf balls are the mechanism of golf balls in general.

1.       Forgiveness

No one is a perfect golfer, even the PGA golfers. They all need to experience a ball with some value of forgiveness. This feature comes in handy when you have to make corrections to your shot.

It is expected that you will not strike the ball at the clubhead center all the time. How the energy is transferred and how the ball reacts are all important.

Depending on the forgiveness of the ball, some will launch just as good even if you hit slightly off-center. Just know that balls with explosive speed coming from the inner core will be less forgiving.

2.       Aerodynamics

For anything that goes through the air, its aerodynamics are important. Whenever you launch the golf ball, it has to deal with drag in its air.

Depending on the dimple’s design and depth, they can influence your ball’s flight path, distance, and speed. So, it is best to look at the dimple design and see how it affects the ball’s overall performance.

3.       Performance on the green

Even if the ball’s performance off the tee is good, you should always consider its performance on the green. For most golfers, this is where they reap most of the results of their hard work.

To work well on the green, the ball needs to have enough feel and spin. The feel is the feedback you get in your palm each time you strike the ball. When the feel is sufficient, you will always know how best to approach a shot.

4.       The spin

The spin of a golf ball affects the overall performance of your game as a golfer. Anyone playing off the tee or down the fairway would want the spin to be as low as possible.

Having a low spin on the ball means you get more distance from the ball. All the velocity you send from the club will be transferred to the ball, getting you more distance.

Once you switch to the green, the preferences change. While on the green, most golfers would want to have more spin.

This is because you no longer need straighter shots as the holes will be at an angle from where you are located. With a bit of spin, you can get the ball into the hole. It is, therefore, best to get a moderate spin that can work both on and off the green.

5.       Does water affect golf balls?

If a golf ball is left in water for over 12 hours, it will start to absorb this water. This will certainly have implications on the performance that you can get out of these balls.

To confirm this, you would only have to go to a golf course with a water hazard. Fishing any of those balls out and testing them against a benchmark set by an identical model of the same ball that is dry will be telling.

What you will find is that waterlogged golf balls lose some of their softness. This is logical if you stop to think about it.

The water that enters a golf ball occupies space and air pockets that would have otherwise been empty. These are the air pockets that would allow the ball’s core to move when you strike it.

When these air pockets are filled up, there is no room for the core to move. This leaves the ball very hard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What golf ball should I use with a 95 mph swing speed?

Anything between 55 and 70 will be a good choice for your swing speed. 85-95 mph swing speed is fast enough to put a decent move on the ball, so medium compression golf balls are an excellent choice.

2.       Should high handicappers use Pro V1?

For high handicappers looking to improve their scores with minimal effort, deciding to play with the Titleist Pro V1 is the best choice a golfer can make. As a result of the high-quality construction of the Pro V1 comes incredible performance in every aspect of the golfing game.

3.       What is the best golf ball for a 90 mph swing?

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls


These golf balls feature a 3-piece construction, which allows them to have a higher spin than usual. They have a compression rating of 75, which most people consider below. This is perfect for any golfer, including people with a 90-95 mph swing speed.

4.       What illegal golf ball goes the farthest?

Polara Ultimate Straight

The longest illegal golf ball is the Polara Ultimate Straight. These golf balls are 75% self-correcting, and that’s going to help reduce hooks and slices.

5.    Should I buy the cheapest golf balls?

No. Since most people are likely to lose their golf balls, they tend to buy the cheapest they can find. However, that can be a downside when you end up with a poor golfing experience. It is best to spend more and get better golf balls.

6.    Do all colored balls have better visibility?

Not always. Being color does not mean you would find them easily after launching. They might be good for tracking while in the air, but the same cannot be said while in the green. You might have a hard time locating them. It is why people love the white balls as they are easy to find in the green.


It may seem unfair to some that there are no more affordable options in this space. Faster swingers have a distinct advantage on the course, though, so no one’s going to cry when they pay the price for it in the pro shop. Besides, one of the keys to the modern game is swing speed. Tour balls should be a natural choice.

Our buyer’s guide goes a long way in presenting you with the things we considered when we looked at the golf balls to reach our top pick. If for any reason, you are not able to conclude, our top picks are always a safe bet.

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